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For every sale of this bracelet we will plant a tree in the Amazon! 🌳You can also help and play a critical role in the fight against climate change and raise awareness to limit illegal logging.


Trees planted so far 

Help plant a tree in the Amazon!

The scale of destruction in the Amazon rainforest is hard to comprehend. Millions of acres of rainforest continue to be bulldozed and set to flame to make room for palm oil, cattle, and soy. The Amazon rainforests are home to 10% of all the wildlife species we know, some not found anywhere else on earth. Billions of trees are a vast store of carbon and, without them, the rise in global temperatures will accelerate. Keeping the Amazon standing is the biggest battle of our lifetimes. 

We plant a tree in the Amazon for every sale of this bracelet!




Why plant trees?

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. The Amazon is home to many rare species, including tapirs, monkeys, jaguars, and caiman. Trees are being completely cleared out at without any thought for the wildlife living there, it's disgraceful. Help us protect their home cause we can't do it alone! 

Without trees, forest creatures would have nowhere to call home.

Can my purchase make a difference?

Sure! You are directly funding our tree planting operation in the Amazon and help raise awareness of the horrible destruction of the animals habitat that live there.

Stop Climate Change

Each planted tree helps stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, purify our air and attract birds and wildlife.

Support Local People

We work with local farmers to establish sustainable agroforestry using shade-grown cocoa and native tree species.

Educate & Sustain

Each bracelet purchased supports our project, which aims to educate people about the importance of forests and their role in the ecosystem.

How will I know if my trees are being planted?

We are glad you asked. Our project involves non profit organizations like WWF and One Tree Planted. After you complete your purchase we will send you a confirmation email with all the details, plus we will also send you a personalized electronic tree certificate to say thanks for your support. We’ll also send you updates on our Amazon project, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.

What will I get?

You will receive an awesome handmade eco-friendly bracelet that plants a tree in the Amazon + our personalized digital tree planting certificate with whatever name you choose to be on it, thanking you for your support and for planting a tree.

  • 100% Eco-friendly

  • Real Tibetan Agate stone

  • Plant a Tree Certificate

  • Designed to fit all wrist sizes

Help us in our quest to save the planet and our animals 

To date, 80% of the world's forests have been degraded or destroyed. Our project aims to raise awareness and raise funds for organizations fighting to help our wildlife. 

'The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.'

One Bracelet = One Tree 🌳

  • FAQ


Our Tree of Life stone bracelet has an adjustable design. Handmade braided rope with sliding flat knot closure and pull cords for adjustment. Beaded bracelet is simple enough and stays secure in length for everyday life. This real jade stone is known for purity or purification. And because jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy, jade also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment. The message of jade is" Love and accept yourself," and its powerful healing effects begin by helping you align yourself with balanced, harmonious energy. So, yet another meaning of jade is harmony and balance. This bracelet jade features a Tree of Life charm which symbolizes health, healing, protection, strength, warm family, good luck and everlasting love. Our bracelet is soft to ensure durability and comfort for you to wear it all day. Just wrap it two-three times around, set the perfect length on your wrist and enjoy. If you have extra length left, you can simply cut it to make it look custom made for you!


2.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches; 0.32 Ounces

Material:  100% Jade Stone / Braided rope


1. Not intended for children under 3. 

2. Contain small parts that present a choking hazard for young children. 

3. Adult supervision recommended.


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This bracelet is made using natural stone ?

Yes, we used 100% Tibetan Agate Gemstone. Being made from natural stone, you will feel a cold sensation when you wear the bracelet for the first time.

How long will delivery take?

All orders are shipped via standard shipping service. Usually, the preparation and shipping of your order take 2 to 4 working days, while delivery timing by the courier may change depending on the destination. Usually your order should arrive between 7-12 business days. 

How can I cancel my order?

We hope you love our bracelet as much as we do so it won't come to this.. but if you are unsatisfied or you change your mind don't worry, send us an email 24h after you placed your order at and we will be happy to help.

Do I get a full refund if the product gets damaged in transit?

Yes. If any damage in transit or any other problems, you can contact us and we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Can I make a return?

Yes, we have a 30 day money back guarantee policy  for all of our products. Simply print out a shipping label. Then drop off your package at the nearest UPS location.

Can I track my online order?

A shipping notification with tracking details will be sent via email after your order has shipped. You will receive multiple email acknowledgements if your order results in more than one shipment.